Packing machine

Packing machineThe packing machine Green Bull brand is designed to pack different dry materials such as pellets, briquettes and other bulky materials into the bags with bag sewing afterwards.

The packing machine consists of the electronic installation which is in charge of package weight, the conveyer and sewing machine.

The electronic installation includes a feeding system and a weight control system. High accuracy is provided by a weighting controller.

Weight of along package and the total weight are displayed.

Weighting range per one package is from 5 to 40 kg.     


  Technical data



9 kW


2 t/h

Weighting range

5 – 40 kg

Dimensions, LxWxH

1.9 х 1.6 х 3.5 m

Automatic feeding controller:

Power supply

AC 85V-265V, 50Hz/60HZ ±2%

Power supply filter

Installed inside

Working temperature

-10 - +400C

Max. humidity

90% R.H. without dew


15 W

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