High capacity biomass briquette machine

Biofuel RDF briquetting machineZerma-Ukraine Ltd. manufactures the high-capacity briquette machine Green Bull brand for production of briquettes of industrial and household application.

The dimension of readymade briquette is 32x32 mm and its length is adjustable and it is usually 60 – 120 mm.

The raw material for briquetting may be woodchips, waste agricultural biomass, straw, household waste, RDF, polyethylene and so on.

The material moisture should be no more than 30% and it permits briquetting without the use of drying machines which cost much.

Under relatively light installed power capacity till 60 kW the briquette machine production capacity is about 3t/h.

Rated electric power consumption is 35-40 kW/h.

Technical data


Production capacity, t/h

Rated power capacity, kW

Inlet humidity, %

Feed size, mm

Weight, t

ВМ 45

2,5 – 3,0


15 - 25

4 -30



Biofuel RDF briquetting machine Biomass and RDF Briquette Machine
RDF briquette machine Biomass and RDF Briquette Machine

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