Heating system Green Bull

Heating system Green BullThe heating system Green Bull brand consists of a stoker boiler and a stoker with a ceramic burner. The product range covers both one family houses and industrial and farming applications. The system can burn the different solid fuel such as pellets from the waste biofuel materials (sunflower husk, grain processing, straw, sawdust, peat, etc.).

Application of new technology of solid biofuel burning allows to reduce financial expenses in 2,5 times in relation to other types of fuel.

Particularly topical the application of new heating systems is in countryside where problem of provision of gas supply takes place and there is no any expense for the transportation of raw materials.
Green Bull solid fuel boilers are easily operated and maintained.

Stoker with dosing auger Control unit Limit switch Burner
Stoker with dosing auger Green Bull Heating system Control unit Heating system Limit switch heating system Burner

Air combustion blower



Outlet of burner
Air combustion blower Lighting Lighting Outlet of burner

The outlet of the burner is joined to the boiler in which there is a heat exchange between the incandescent gas and the heat transfer liquid by means of heat-exchange radiators. The quantity and the sizes of internal heat exchangers depend on capacity of the stoker boiler. There is a temperature regulator that allows working in set temperature mode.

The stoker boiler design provides the hot water diversion from the second contour of the heat exchanger in a continuous mode.

The 50kW stoker boiler and the 600 liter stoker can work without intervention of the operator within 84 hours till full use of the solid fuel loaded into the stoker.

heating system

The heating system manufatured by Zerma-Ukraine Ltd. takes up no room by means of a compact design and can be installed in a back region of the house or in the container for heating of trading spaces, warehouses, industrial and agricultural premises.

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