Drip tape winder

Drip tape winder Green Bull brand is designed to coil the drip irrigation tape onto a core with a high-density of spooling; the size of coil could reach 800mm in diameter and 500 mm in width. This gives possibility of loading till 20 tons of the coils on a truck.

The drip tape winder operates from a tractor hydraulic system; tractor rating is 45hp and more. This machine has standard connection system with three-point linkage of tractor. Quick-release connectors make possibility to hook up the drip tape winder to the tractor hydraulic system as a matter of minutes.
Our drip tape winder is equipped with coiler that provides a high density of spooling as well as with synthetic brushers that service for tape cleaning and squeezing of residual water out as it is wound.

The usage of this drip tape winder gives the following advantages:

- possibility of tape re-using;

- possibility of loading on a truck increases fivefold;

- tape condition is got better due to cleaning of dirt and water thus the cost of the tape for its further recycling increases twofold.

Zerma-Ukraine Ltd. completes the winder hydraulic system with European-made assembly units.

Drip tape winder Drip tape winder Drip tape winder
Drip tape winder Drip tape winder

Technical data


Production capacity, ha/day


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