Drip pipe winder

Drip pipe winder Green Bull brand is designed to coil the drip irrigation pipe onto a core with a high-density of spooling that gives possibility of its future use upward of 3 seasons, or its further processing. The formed cores are ready for palletizing for their off-season storage as well as for cost-effective transportation.

The drip pipe winder operates from a tractor hydraulic system; tractor rating is 45hp and more. This machine has standard connection system with three-point linkage of tractor. Quick-release connectors make possibility to hook up the drip pipe winder to the tractor hydraulic system as a matter of minutes.

Zerma-Ukraine Ltd. completes the winder hydraulic system with European-made assembly units.

Drip pipe winder Намотчик трубки капельного полива Drip pipe winder
Drip pipe winder Drip pipe winder

 Technical data



Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg

Drip pipe winder HT-16


1500 x 1500 x 1700


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