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Green Bull Zerma Ukraine Kakhovka Zerma Ukraine Kakhovka
Zerma Ukraine Kakhovka Zerma Ukraine Kakhovka
Our company Zerma-Ukraine Ltd., established in 2004, proposes to give the benefit of our experience on briquetting of biomass and RDF, pressing of straw, hay, woodchips in high-density bales as well as the other technologies related to crushing, drying and packing of different types of biomass and mineral materials. 

Zerma-Ukraine Ltd. manufactures the equipment under the trademark «Green Bull» for converting waste agricultural biomass, industrial and house wastes into resources. For more than 10 years’ work we have been gaining a wealth of biomass treatment experience and advancing in technological knowledge.

We specialize in manufacturing of the following equipment:

•    Rotary drum dryer
•    Tub grinder
•    Straw and vine grinder
  Hammer mill
•    Hammer mill of special purpose
  Wood shaving machine
•    High-capacity biomass briquette machine
•    Briquette extruder machine
•    Mechanical briquette press
•    Agricaltural waste processing line

•    Baling press
•    Rotary sifter
•    Packing machine
•    Drip tape winder
•    Drip pipe winder
•    Drip pipe layout machine
•    Heating system
•    Telescopic-boom wheel loader
biomass and RDF briquette machine wood shaving machine Tub grinder
Briquette extruder machine Hammer mill Agricultural waste processing line
Hydraulic press machine for straw and hay briquette press machine Drum dryer
There is a testing facility at the factory, which gives the possibility to test the quality of manufactured equipment, as well as a pellet and briquette workshop with production capacity 3t/h.

Our clients can make an experimental run to test the machine using their own raw material before buying.  

Compound feed production, biofuel pellet and briquette production, waste processing is a complex manufacturing process so we offer our consulting services for solving problems of agricultural solid waste, industrial and house wastes of any kind.

Having our own experience in resource recycling our specialists can propose the optimal set of production equipment for the specific manufacturing such as drying, crushing, pelletizing, briquetting and baling of any waste materials.
We provide assembling, start-up and adjusting works as well as after-sales service and make the supply of the repair parts from the own warehouse.
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